Jucy Lucy Authenticity Check

Jucy Lucy Close-Up

Let’s break down this Jucy Lucy for authenticity’s sake.

1. Cheap bun. That’s no 9-grain wheat bun. It’s simple and white. Check.

2. Pink on the inside? It’s tough to cook beef that’s next to a cool cheese core. Traditional.

3. Gooey cheese. That’s looking really good. Check.

4. Is that cheddar cheese? It doesn’t look like American, so it’s non-traditional.

5. Vegebables? Also, not-trad.

Lucy Addition: Hubert’s Cafe & Sports Bar II

Tony P has alerted us to a Deep Fried Juicy Lucy at the new Hubert’s Cafe & Sports Bar location, which is replacing NBA City.

Well you can add another place to the list. The Strib today said the new Hubert’s 2 (Former NBA City) has a deep fried jucy lucy. That’s a new one I haven’t seen done before.

Hubert’s does not appear to have a website so there is no information available other than its availability. If anyone is brave enough to try a Deep Fried Lucy please come tell us how it is.

New Lucy Location: Barney’s Beanery Burbank

revrev points us to a Juicy Lucy out in Burbank, California. Based on his review of the Lucy at hambur.gr, it sounds like they’re still working out the details:

It wasn’t necessarily bad, it just wasn’t good. The American cheese inside is, of course, the whole point of the Juicy Lucy, but it really just tasted artificial. They did manage to cook my burger rare, which I’m always pleased with, but the rest of the sandwich was just your average food-service buns and unripe sliced tomatoes.

One way to solve the unripe tomatoes issue is to leave them off the burger.

It’s good to hear that the Lucy love is spreading.

5-8 Club Hosting Juicy Lucy Eating Contest

Juicy Lucy Eating Contest!

Oh, it’s on. The 5-8 Club is hosting a Juicy Lucy eating contest this weekend. I snapped this photo at the Maplewood location near 3M so I’m not positive that it’s at all locations but as I understand it, this is the prelims at their locations with the finals a week later after a full recovery.

I dined on a classic Lucy while I was there. American cheese with fried onions and a side of delicious JoJo potatoes.

5-8 Club Juicy Lucy

Skip the slaw.

If you’re in on this dining competition, let us know, and let us know how it turns out.

So, how does one dominate in a Juicy Lucy eating contest? What are the rules? Are blow-outs acceptible? Are you expected to lick the cheese off spectators? Time will tell.