A Classic Matt’s Jucy Lucy Shot

I’m often surprised by the reactions of foodies who are shocked to learn that the Jucy Lucy isn’t some sort of highfalutin cuisine. This photo from amdahton (via andyinabox) captures the essence of a Jucy Lucy well:


It’s not the kind of thing that’s going to make the cover of a glossy magazine. It’s the kind of food that’s appreciated by people who truly prefer quality food more than glossy reviews of yet another teeth whitening dentist.

Taylor Carik on Matt’s Bar’s Universal Popularity

Taylor breaks down the diversity of Matt’s clientelle after being inspired by reading Minnesota Monthly’s latest Best Burgers issue:

– on the new MnMo, Franken and Matt’s

Living right next to Matt’s, I’ve been in the bar at all different hours of the day and have seen everyone kind of Minnesotan eating juicy lucys. So it’s no wonder every Twin Cities burger list, including MnMo, puts Matt’s on top. I’ve seen families eat JL’s on Saturdays, I’ve seen Latinos come in after long days of work, I’ve even seen two old ladies holding up a guy so old that he could hardly walk walk into Matt’s for lunch to eat a burger. It’s going to be tough to beat that.

I couldn’t agree more. Earlier this week, while dining with my wife & father-in-law, a 4’10” 70+ year old was hovering over our table as we wrapped up our pitcher. She was securing a table for her and three equally aged and heighted friends.

It’s not uncommon to see large groups of teens earlier in the day sucking down cans of pop with their Lucy’s while going social on a few baskets of fries. Ala carte fries and group dates were made for each other.

We Got Served: Pro-Nook

The We Got Served blog has come out strong for the Jucy Lucy served up at The Nook:

We got served: The Nook

We actually have been to The Nook once before, prior to starting this blog, so this wasn’t really a new dining experience. I ordered the same thing I had last time, the Juicy Lucy. I just love them, so ordering anything else really isn’t an option for me. This one didn’t disappoint. As I mentioned in the Groveland Tap review, this is my favorite Juicy Lucy that I’ve had. I also liked that it came with fries! I didn’t really like the fries that much – weirdly enough. I guess Ben and I have opposite fry tastes. I thought these were really dry. I like lots o grease I guess!

We Got Served is right: The Nook rocks.

WGS previously hit The Groveland Tap and compared it to a few other Lucy serving establishments:

Groveland Tap

I thought my Juicy Lucy was average. I’ve now had a Juicy Lucy at Matt’s Bar (good), the Nook (great), and Tuggs (if you count their stuffed burgers as a form of Juicy Lucy – it was okay but way too expensive). I thought this one was better than Tuggs (in terms of value mostly), but worse than Matt’s and The Nook. I’d probably order something else if I went back. The deep fried PB&J that Ben wanted was okay, but not good enough to ever want to order again. It was mostly the novelty that appealed to him, I think.

Great work, We Got Served. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It sounds like you’re reaching Jucy Lucy Sommelier status.

A Monster Dines at Matt’s Bar

Courtney from “Max & Courtney Make Monsters” shows how monsters dine on Jucy Lucy’s at Matt’s Bar.

A female monster with half a face attempts to sate her inhuman hunger on the Jucy Lucy, the legendary hamburger of Matt’s Bar is south Minneapolis. Make up based on a design by Dick Smith from his book “Dick Smith’s Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-Up.”

Check out how Courtney transformed into a Lucy dining monster step by step here.

Matt’s Bar is the kind of place where monsters are welcome. I’m sure some zombies have eaten there in the past, and I wouldn’t be surprised to run into a werewolf during a visit.

This video has some of the best Jucy Lucy action shots I’ve seen. If you haven’t had a chance to experience a Jucy Lucy first-hand, this is the closest you’ll come to enjoying one first hand. Awesome stuff.

Matt’s Bar Field Report

A crew of Jucy Lucy afficionados met up at Matt’s Bar earlier tonight for a quarterly Lucy event. Kirk and Anne have an ongoing tradition of dining on Jucy Lucy’s at Matt’s Bar on the spring and fall equinox and winter and summer solstice. I was luck enough to tag along for this legendary event.

Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest and Summit EPA were the pitchers of choice.

Kirk waited patiently for his Lucy:

Kirk Waits Patiently

Then Mike got dainty with his burger wrapper:

Mike Makes His Table

Kirk demonstrated the fry-poke technique where the burger is punctured at the top. I don’t fully understand the benefits of this technique and would like to hear more about it:

Fry Poking

Tyler demonstrated a similar fry-poke technique:

French Fry Technique

I ordered fried onions on mine. Matt’s offers a few options. With or without onions. Fried or raw onions.

Jucy Lucy Innards

And a first time Jucy Lucy eater obviously enjoyed her experience:

First Timer

That covers it. Thanks to Matt’s for another wonder Jucy Lucy experience.

Additional reporting on this Matt’s outing can be found on Kirk’s All Four Season’s blog.

SeriousEats.com’s Jucy Lucy Investigation

After yesterday’s post explaining how NOT to eat a Jucy Lucy, I figured I had better follow up with some information on how to do it right.

Luckily for me, SeriousEats.com has already done a great job providing some high level advice on how to consume a Jucy Lucy. They went on-site to Matt’s Bar to explain how it’s done in the video below: