Lucy Addition: Jersey’s Bar and Grill in Inver Grove Heights

Every Monday night at 8pm you can tune into Bill Ashton’s live internet show, Burgers, Beers and Bomb Shots, hosted at his restaurant, Jersey’s Bar and Grill in Inver Grove Heights. Every week they will make two new Juicy Lucy’s, sample beers and shots, and do some interviews. One of the featured Lucy’s will become that week’s Special.

Bill wrote in to JLR with a description of this week’s burger and a request for a critique:

We feature 2 different Juciy Lucy Burgers every week and will have 104 different flavors in a year.   We also feature different beers, drinks and bomb shots and well as interview people on the show.

We are fairly new at the Juicy Lucy Game but at our Restaurant we feature 3 different ones every week. The Classic filled with American Cheese, The Loaded filled with Cheddar Jack and Bacon topped with Seasoned Sour Cream and Chives, and the Juicy of the Week.

We do the show on Monday Nights, 8pm and the winner of the 2 Juicys that we feature is the burger of the week. This week’s burger is stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese and Canadian Bacon topped with Pineapple Salsa.

I’d love for a critique of the show and the burgers.

They’re bound to have something for everyone with 104 different Lucy styles. Go check them out, and then come back and tell us which Lucy you had and what you thought.