Moving Away from Matt’s Bar?

A Minneapolis resident is moving to St. Louis, guess what she’s going to miss? You guessed it:

Goodbye Matt’s Bar, home of the original Jucy Lucy. I am a Jucy Lucy loyalist and have only gotten my cheese stuffed burgers here. I had to make one more stop in before moving to St Louis next week. I will remember you fondly and tell stories of your greatness when I am down south.

Anonymous Wikipedia Editor Rewrites Jucy Lucy Invention History

The ongoing debate over where the Jucy Lucy was invented has made its way to Wikipedia, where an anonymous editor recently rewrote history by changing the inventing restaurant from Matt’s Bar to the 5-8 Club. Notice the removals of Matt’s on the left replaced by the 5-8 Club on the right:

Switching Jucy Lucy Invention from Matt's to 5-8 Club

It seems pretty clear that the anonymous editor was not writing from a neutral point of view, since they also included this self-promotional line:

5-8 Club Endorsement on Wikipedia

That line didn’t last long, but the story of origin remains switched, without citation, 2 weeks later.

Should the 5-8 Club (or Matt’s) have proof that they did indeed invest the Juicy Lucy, they should include a link to that within Wikipedia.

A Culinary Tour of the Big 10

Jon Johnston of Corn Nation took a culinary tour of the Big 10 back in February to weigh the possible benefits of joining the conference.

If we’re talking about foods and beverages, let me take you around the Big Ten. Michigan provides some outstanding beer from Bells Brewery; Wisconsin gives us brats, the New Glarus Brewery, and cheese (sooooo much cheese); Illinois and Northwestern bring the Goose Island Brewery, deep dish pizza, and Vienna beef hot dogs; Minnesota’s got the Juicy Lucy; Iowa’s got Meth and grain alcohol; and Pennsylvania’s got Yuengling Beer. As far as Indiana and Ohio, they provide nothing of value other than a chili enema from Skyline Chili. Blech… The rest of us cancel them out, so I think over all we’re bringing something good to the table.

Solid analysis, Jon. Now that you’re in the Big 10, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to savor Jucy Lucy’s during your trips to Minneapolis.

Dueling Jucy Lucy Tours

Some of the finest Jucy Lucy blogging in the Twin Cities these days is coming from two women on separate parallel missions to find the best Lucy in town. Those women? Doniree and Emily.

For example, both visited the Blue Door Pub this weekend and wrote up their experiences.

It’s worth reading both takes on each place they visit since while they both like Jucy Lucy burgers, they have plenty of differences in opinions after that, including Emily’s potato hatred and Doniree’s hatred of ala carte ordering.

International Renowned Comfort Food

Iranian-born writer and director, Marjane Satrapi, shared the story of her discovery of Minneapolis’ contribution to international cuisine during a recent interview with Rob Nelson.

Travel the world over, but you won’t find a better burger

“The first time I came here, the [cab driver] told me, ‘Oh, I will bring you to a French restaurant.’ And I was like, ‘No, I’m here to eat what you eat. So what do you eat?’ And he was like, ‘Well, there’s something here, it’s kind of greasy, but [it’s] the Jucy Lucy burger.’ I was here three days. For three days, lunch and dinner, I had the Jucy Lucy burger. I tried to make one in France. All my friends in France know the Jucy Lucy burger of Minneapolis.

She obviously appreciates the finer things in life.