New Lucy at Hubert’s

We’ve been informed there’s a new Lucy at Hubert’s and it’s deep fried, taking it to a whole new level. As David tells us in the comments:

Our Deep Fried Lucy is the new talk of the town! Hands down one of the most unique and delicious Lucy’s out there. It was just recently featured on Twin Cities Live and has gained a ton of exposure through various media outlets in the Twin Cities. Come down and give it a shot! And bring your appetite!

Looks pretty delicious, but I might need some mental preparation before taking it on.

Lucy Addition: Hubert’s Cafe & Sports Bar II

Tony P has alerted us to a Deep Fried Juicy Lucy at the new Hubert’s Cafe & Sports Bar location, which is replacing NBA City.

Well you can add another place to the list. The Strib today said the new Hubert’s 2 (Former NBA City) has a deep fried jucy lucy. That’s a new one I haven’t seen done before.

Hubert’s does not appear to have a website so there is no information available other than its availability. If anyone is brave enough to try a Deep Fried Lucy please come tell us how it is.