A Cool Ketchup Injection?

The Fry Poke technique, as previously explained, involves using a French (Freedom?) Fry to release some of the molten cheese’s heat through the top of the burger before consuming:

Fry Poking

As if that wasn’t strange enough, senior Jucy Lucy Restaurant dining behavioralist correspondent, Opheliac9, reports on a twist to the fry-poke involving a cool Ketchup injection:

A friend of mine, who introduced me to Matt’s and Jucy Lucy’s a few years ago, has another step: After the “hot fry injection” he squirts ketchup into the burger. His rationale is that it cools the cheese down faster, thus you get to eat faster… however, I think it’s disgusting. *shrug*

Having not seen this myself, I can only hope that he brings his own ketchup with him.

Tomato Ketchup Tub
Ketchup photo by tom.arthur

SeriousEats.com’s Jucy Lucy Investigation

After yesterday’s post explaining how NOT to eat a Jucy Lucy, I figured I had better follow up with some information on how to do it right.

Luckily for me, SeriousEats.com has already done a great job providing some high level advice on how to consume a Jucy Lucy. They went on-site to Matt’s Bar to explain how it’s done in the video below: