Did Busters on 28th Edit the Jucy Lucy Wikipedia Entry?

Check out the edit below to the Jucy Lucy page on Wikipedia:

Buster's on 28th Jucy Lucy on Wikipedia

Looks like someone decided to add a mention of Buster’s on 28th’s twist on the Jucy Lucy where they use (used) Marscapone and blue cheese. That seems like a fair addition.

But five minutes later, they turned it up another notch by adding a link to the Buster’s on 28th website.

This all went down on the night of August 29th.

The IP Address used by the editor – who has never made an edit to Wikipedia before or since – traces to a Comcast Cable modem in Minnesota.

The link drop was removed within 24 hours because Busterson28th.com was apparently throwing a pop-up at visitors. The mention of Buster’s Lucy was removed on September 16th, since, as we know here, they no longer serve a Lucy.

Let the speculation begin.

Buster’s on 28th Online Menu Out of Date

Just a quick public service announcement. The menu on the Buster’s on 28th website is out of date and still lists a Jucy Lucy. This is no longer on the menu, as the previous post on JucyLucyRestaurants.com explained.

If we were to speculate, this probably has something to do with the over designed web site that uses too much Flash and probably doesn’t have a content management system that would allow Buster’s on 28th’s staff to easily update their own website.

Buster’s on 28th Kills their Jucy Lucy

If you ever have any doubts about what JucyLucyRestaurants.com does for you, now you know.

We did a follow-up visit to Buster’s on 28th today to check on the status of their Jucy Lucy after their previous suspension by Jucy Lucy Restaurants due to their blow-out issues.

And what did we find?

The Jucy Lucy is gone. Buster’s on 28th has pulled the Jucy Lucy from their menu:

Buster's on 28th Menu

It’s sad to see their attempt at a Jucy Lucy fail. However, it had to go based on how it was being served.

It’s great to see them come to the realization that the Jucy Lucy wasn’t working out. We’d like to think that JucyLucyRestaurants.com played a role in this decision. Regardless, now you know that Buster’s is off the list.

Suspension: Buster’s on 28th

With great sadness, Jucy Lucy Restaurants is officially suspending Buster’s on 28th due to under performance.

The final straw came last night when I was served my second “blow-out” (a Jucy Lucy that’s lost its cheesy innards). Notice the hole in the top of my burger:

Jucy Lucy Blow-out at Busters on 28th

However, it’s important to point out that this isn’t a case of “two blow-outs and you’re out.” Heck no. A quick trip around the local foodie blogosphere shows just how much of a problem there is with the Buster’s on 28th’s Juicy Lucy:

Scott McGerik’s Weblog

The Juicy Lucy, however, was not a Juicy Lucy. It was a cheeseburger! A proper Juicy Lucy consists of a slice of cheese sealed between two hamburger patties. This creates a center of molten cheese which can seriously burn the unwary. Slathering cheese on the top of a burger does not make it a Juicy Lucy and, instead, creates a cheeseburger. And that is what the Juicy Lucy at Buster’s is, a cheeseburger. Gads!

The Deets – Ed Kohler’s Blog

I consider myself to be a bit of a Juicy Lucy (and Jucy Lucy) aficionado, so I immediately recognized an obvious problem with this particular Lucy. In fact, it probably doesn’t take a trained eye to pick out the issue here: The cheese was on the outside of the burger. Some restaurants would refer to this as a cheeseburger.

Amy Commenting on s4xton.com

The Lucy was delish, but the hole where the cheese was supposed to be was just an empty pocket. The outside cheeses were yummy though.

Reetsyburger’s Refuge’s Report of an Undercooked Lucy

Me: “How’s the Juicy Lucy?”
gerg: “It’s not bad.”
Me: “Is it technically a Juicy Lucy? Remember what The Deets said?”
gerg: “Yeah, the cheese is all gooey and it’s inside the burger. The middle is pretty raw.
Me: “How does it rate on a scale of 1-10?”
gerg: “As a Juicy Lucy, it’s a 7. As a burger, it’s an 8.”
Me: “So it’s a C as a Juicy Lucy?”
gerg: “Hmm. I guess so.”
Me: “I like this sour pickle mayonaise. It’s dill-ish.”

After this much trouble with blow-outs, it was time for Jucy Lucy Restaurants to take a stand. We hope that fellow Jucy Lucy aficionados find this ruling stern but fair.

A quick check of the map will show Buster’s on 28th’s marker switched from Blue to Red while under suspension. Red denotes “Proceed with Caution.”

There is nothing we’d like to see more than Buster’s on 28th turn things around. We’ll keep up to date on the status of their Lucy. And as usual, we rely on tips from from readers like you to keep the restaurant list accurate.