A 651 Perspective on Jucy Lucys

The 651ery takes a look at the St. Paul jucy lucy scene in a recent post:

Being a Saint Paul guy I would recommend getting out to Shamrock’s or The Blue Door Pub whenever you get a chance (at least until The Nook is back in business). There are other places to try in Saint Paul (I’m looking at you Groveland Tap), but these are the ones that I have been to.I absolutely plan to cross the river to see the inside of Matt’s and the 5-8 Club at some point, but until then I have found what I am looking for in my favorite city.

That is some solid advice. But, The 651ery is going to need to cross the river to have a full understanding of the Lucy.

Blue Door Pub’s Latest: The Gatsby

The Blue Door Pub continues to hold the title of most innovative Jucy Lucy restaurant. This time by introducing a Gruyere and short ribs embedded option to their menu:

This burger is more than great. Once again, we take a half-pound patty of fresh, free range beef and fill it with Gruyere cheese and braised short ribs, right before we seal it in we then drizzle a red wine reduction over it. After being lovingly prepared by our expert kitchen staff and hand delivered by one of our fine servers you will bite into one of the most amazing combinations of meat and cheese to date. This burger deserves nothing less than a side of beer-battered green beans and a pint of cold beer to wash it down.

That’s a long reach from Matt’s Bar’s original, but I wouldn’t kick it out of bed for eating crackers.

Blue Door Pub Launching the “Merriam Park Blucy”

Merriam Park Blucy Lucy

Merriam Park Blucy=bleu cheese, garlic and bacon on the inside and it’s topped off with red currant jelly-yum!

The Blue Door Pub is pushing the Jucy Lucy envelope once again. This time with a tribute to the neighborhood they reside in, Merriam Park, with the Merriam Park Blucy. It’s a blue cheese, garlic and bacon lucy with red currant jelly on the outside.

It’s rolling out this week with special pricing. Here are the deets from Pat McDonough:

I would like to share with you an event the Blue Door Pub will be having this week. Since we have opened, Jeremy and myself have wanted to do something special for our neighbors to say thank you for welcoming us into their incredible community. We are finally finding some time to be able to do this, we have been so busy! We are going to be unveiling our newest Blucy (our version of the juicy lucy) and we are dedicating it to the area-the “Merriam Park Blucy”. We are offering to select close neighbors, home delivery of the Merriam Park Blucy ( or anything else on the menu) for half off. Jeremy and I will be the ones delivering the food so we can get a chance to say thank you to our neighbors face to face. I just think in these bad economic times it’s good to hear about a place that is doing well and I know I would appreciate that place being in my backyard! Thank you very much for your time and have a great week!

Send in field reports!

New Juicy Lucy Establishment Coming to St Paul

The PioneerPress reports that St Paul will soon be home to another establishment serving a Juicy Lucy.

At Blue Door Pub, they dare to tinker with Juicy Lucy

Groveland Tap vets Jeremy Woerner and Patrick McDonough are coming up with new ideas for the Minnesota classic — a hamburger patty with oozing hot American cheese in the middle.

When they open Blue Door Pub at the end of the month in the former Puerta Azul on Selby in St. Paul, Juicy Lucy (aka jucy lucy) fillings will include blue cheese, mozzarella and mushroom and Swiss cheese.

“The purists might be upset,” says Woerner. “But we’re just amazed no one has explored the unlimited possibilities.”

That’s great news. I wish I could say the same about the quality of reporting.

Clearly, the writer of this story is not a Juicy Lucy aficionado.

Other places already serve Lucy’s with cheese other than American, including the Groveland Tap, which offers a Cajun Lucy. The 5-8 Club offers Blue Cheese, and Bar Abilene has a Mexican style Lucy.

I wouldn’t call it a “Minnesota classic”, but a Minneapolis classic that’s increased its range to St. Paul.