Spelling: Jucy Lucy vs Juicy Lucy

In case you haven’t noticed, there are two variations of the spelling of Jucy Lucy. With and without an “I” in Jucy.

Jucy Lucy Restaurants uses the “i-less” version, as that appears to be the original spelling, and it’s what Matt’s Bar uses. However, we realize that not everyone agrees, so we own and redirect juicylucyrestaurants.com to this domain.

Here’s another perspective:

Jucy Lucy vs Juicy Lucy

We took a look at what versions of the Lucy term was most popular among people arriving at this site. The above table shows that “Juicy Lucy” with the “i” drove more traffic to this site than the “i-less” version. However, the average visitor using the “i-less” term visited 50% more pages and stayed 3 times longer.

This makes sense, since true Lucy aficionados are more likely to be in tune with the “i-less” spelling.

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Printable Map Of Jucy Lucy Locations

Jucy Lucy Restaurants is turning things up another notch with yet another exciting feature: a printable map of JucyLucyRetaurants locations.

We recommend keeping a copy in your glove compartment so you can check off the locations as you visit them. If you’re really hardcore, consider laminating it so you can reuse it. See, you can go green and love the Lucy’s.

The above PDF version will go out of date over time, but you can get a fresh version here at any time.