Camacho Watcho Reviews Adrian’s Tavern’s Lucy

As we’ve mentioned here before on Jucy Lucy Restaurants, Adrian’s seems to differentiate itself based on the size of their Jucy Lucy. “Go big or go home!” appears to be their motto.

Katie Cannon from Camacho Watcho checked in at Adrian’s while armed with her camera and found the Lucy to be large but underwhelming compared to some of the other options out in the market today.

Adrian’s Tavern – Juicy Lucy Review

Adrian's Tavern Juicy Lucy

It’s not uncommon for people to eat more than one Juicy Lucy in a sitting at many restaurants. However, I’m sure that rarely happens at Adrian’s Tavern.

This Lucy seals a slice of American cheese inside to generous 1/4 pounder patties and is slow-cooked for 20 minutes with a cover over the burger on the fryer. No rush job here.

I think this helps cook such a thick, cheese filled, burger thoroughly, since getting the temperature up inside the burger can be a trick without burning the exterior to a crisp.

Here’s a look inside. Click on the image for larger versions on Flickr.

Adrian's Tavern Juicy Lucy

It comes with chips by default but fries are available. Onions – fries or raw – are available. I went with fried onions.

Adrian’s also has a solid beer selection, including Sierra Nevada, Guinness, Stella Artois, and Delirium Tremens among their tap selections.

The woman who prepared the Lucy appeared to have the skills to cook a Lucy in her sleep. A real pro.

Adrian’s is located on Chicago Ave just South of 48th Street, so a quick trip up from Minnehaha Parkway.