Jucy Addition: Lucky’s 13 Pub

The city of Mendota has put itself on the map with the addition of a Juicy Lucy to one of their restaurant’s menus. Lucky’s 13 Pub serves up what they’re calling the Juicy Lu Lu, made from hand made Certified Angus Beef, cheddar cheese, and with a side of hand-cut fries for $10.25.

When you try it (of course you will) stop back to let us know how it rates on your Lucy Index.

Directions to Lucky’s 13 Pub.

Jucy Addition: Burger Jones

The Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal is reporting that a new restaurant from Parasole “almost certainly” will include a Juicy Lucy among their selection of specialty burgers:

Parasole launching burger “boutique” at Lake Calhoun

In addition to traditional hamburgers, Burger Jones will offer veggie, turkey, buffalo, lobster, salmon and tuna burgers, Roberts said, and there will almost certainly be a unique take on the “Juicy Lucy” — a local favorite that puts melted cheese inside the beef patty.

Find a discussion of this on Secrets of the City and send us any updates you hear so we can update the wiki.

5-8 Club Hosting Juicy Lucy Eating Contest

Juicy Lucy Eating Contest!

Oh, it’s on. The 5-8 Club is hosting a Juicy Lucy eating contest this weekend. I snapped this photo at the Maplewood location near 3M so I’m not positive that it’s at all locations but as I understand it, this is the prelims at their locations with the finals a week later after a full recovery.

I dined on a classic Lucy while I was there. American cheese with fried onions and a side of delicious JoJo potatoes.

5-8 Club Juicy Lucy

Skip the slaw.

If you’re in on this dining competition, let us know, and let us know how it turns out.

So, how does one dominate in a Juicy Lucy eating contest? What are the rules? Are blow-outs acceptible? Are you expected to lick the cheese off spectators? Time will tell.

New Juicy Lucy Establishment Coming to St Paul

The PioneerPress reports that St Paul will soon be home to another establishment serving a Juicy Lucy.

At Blue Door Pub, they dare to tinker with Juicy Lucy

Groveland Tap vets Jeremy Woerner and Patrick McDonough are coming up with new ideas for the Minnesota classic — a hamburger patty with oozing hot American cheese in the middle.

When they open Blue Door Pub at the end of the month in the former Puerta Azul on Selby in St. Paul, Juicy Lucy (aka jucy lucy) fillings will include blue cheese, mozzarella and mushroom and Swiss cheese.

“The purists might be upset,” says Woerner. “But we’re just amazed no one has explored the unlimited possibilities.”

That’s great news. I wish I could say the same about the quality of reporting.

Clearly, the writer of this story is not a Juicy Lucy aficionado.

Other places already serve Lucy’s with cheese other than American, including the Groveland Tap, which offers a Cajun Lucy. The 5-8 Club offers Blue Cheese, and Bar Abilene has a Mexican style Lucy.

I wouldn’t call it a “Minnesota classic”, but a Minneapolis classic that’s increased its range to St. Paul.