Tin Cup Jucy Lucy Experience

Tin Cup's Eggcellent Lucy
Eggcellent Lucy at Tin Cup

I recently had a chance to check out Tin Cup’s Jucy Lucy scene in St. Paul. They currently have 7 Jucy Lucy varieties on their menu, including a French Dipper (swiss cheese innards), Dirty Lucy (stuffed with bleu cheese, green olives, jalapenos, onions, & cream cheese), and an Eggcellent Lucy (stuffed with Swiss cheese and bacon. Topped with American cheese, caramelized onions, a fried egg, and Texas Pete hot sauce).

Tin Cup Lucy's Menu

All cost $8.99 and come with chips and coleslaw.

South of the Border Lucy at Tin Cup
South of the Border Lucy at Tin Cup

This was early in their run, so I’m sure they’ve worked out a few early bugs. At the time, the burgers were a bit overdone on the outside, but that’s a common issue that they’ll surely work through.

The variety of Lucys are both creative and well executed. I would definitely get the South of the Border again.

Nice work, Tin Cup. It’s great to see another solid Lucy location in St. Paul.

Baratunde at Matt’s

It’s good to see visitors to Minneapolis being treated to our city’s contribution to international cuisine.

Getting one of those burgers with the cheese inside. God help me (@ Matt’s Bar w/ 2 others) http://4sq.com/1TeO0Lless than a minute ago via foursquare

via Aaron Landry on Twitter

American Burger Bar’s Juicy Klucy

American Burger Bar is serving one of the higher end (and higher priced) Jucy Lucy burgers called the Juicy Klucy. Klucy? The “K” is for Kobe, as in the beef:

American Burger Bar's Jucy Klucy

They say that they’re riffing on the “Classic Juicy Lucy” so, based on the spelling, that would be a riff on the 5-8 Club’s version.

American Burger Bar's Jucy Klucy

This is quite possibly the most patriotic of all Lucys with an American Flag on top. The lettuce, tomato, and onion much be for garnish, since they don’t belong on a Lucy (and would make it hard to avoid a blow-out).

Quality meat. Awesome cheese both inside and out. A toasted bun. It really came together to create a great Lucy experience.

The Fries: I upgraded to the Parmesan truffle fries, figuring that I’m already skipping my mortgage payment this month to pay for the burger, so what the heck. They were awesome as well.

The total:

American Burger Bar's Jucy Klucy

Blowing past $20 with tip (without beer). That’s impressive.

This isn’t an every day priced Lucy, but is worth checking out on special occasions, like wedding proposals.

Anonymous Wikipedia Editor Rewrites Jucy Lucy Invention History

The ongoing debate over where the Jucy Lucy was invented has made its way to Wikipedia, where an anonymous editor recently rewrote history by changing the inventing restaurant from Matt’s Bar to the 5-8 Club. Notice the removals of Matt’s on the left replaced by the 5-8 Club on the right:

Switching Jucy Lucy Invention from Matt's to 5-8 Club

It seems pretty clear that the anonymous editor was not writing from a neutral point of view, since they also included this self-promotional line:

5-8 Club Endorsement on Wikipedia

That line didn’t last long, but the story of origin remains switched, without citation, 2 weeks later.

Should the 5-8 Club (or Matt’s) have proof that they did indeed invest the Juicy Lucy, they should include a link to that within Wikipedia.

Blue Door Pub’s Latest: The Gatsby

The Blue Door Pub continues to hold the title of most innovative Jucy Lucy restaurant. This time by introducing a Gruyere and short ribs embedded option to their menu:

This burger is more than great. Once again, we take a half-pound patty of fresh, free range beef and fill it with Gruyere cheese and braised short ribs, right before we seal it in we then drizzle a red wine reduction over it. After being lovingly prepared by our expert kitchen staff and hand delivered by one of our fine servers you will bite into one of the most amazing combinations of meat and cheese to date. This burger deserves nothing less than a side of beer-battered green beans and a pint of cold beer to wash it down.

That’s a long reach from Matt’s Bar’s original, but I wouldn’t kick it out of bed for eating crackers.

Inside-Out Cheeseburgers?

Nathan sent in a recipe from delish.com that explains how to make something called an Inside-Out Cheeseburger.

Delish is a MSN property, so there has been speculation that Microsoft is attempting to steal and rebrand the Jucy Lucy into something one could put in a box with stickers and sell to CTOs through VARs with a service contract. But we here at Jucy Lucy Restaurants can spot a fake when we see it.

Down with the Inside Out Cheeseburger. Love live the Lucy!

A Culinary Tour of the Big 10

Jon Johnston of Corn Nation took a culinary tour of the Big 10 back in February to weigh the possible benefits of joining the conference.

If we’re talking about foods and beverages, let me take you around the Big Ten. Michigan provides some outstanding beer from Bells Brewery; Wisconsin gives us brats, the New Glarus Brewery, and cheese (sooooo much cheese); Illinois and Northwestern bring the Goose Island Brewery, deep dish pizza, and Vienna beef hot dogs; Minnesota’s got the Juicy Lucy; Iowa’s got Meth and grain alcohol; and Pennsylvania’s got Yuengling Beer. As far as Indiana and Ohio, they provide nothing of value other than a chili enema from Skyline Chili. Blech… The rest of us cancel them out, so I think over all we’re bringing something good to the table.

Solid analysis, Jon. Now that you’re in the Big 10, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to savor Jucy Lucy’s during your trips to Minneapolis.