American Burger Bar’s Juicy Klucy

American Burger Bar is serving one of the higher end (and higher priced) Jucy Lucy burgers called the Juicy Klucy. Klucy? The “K” is for Kobe, as in the beef:

American Burger Bar's Jucy Klucy

They say that they’re riffing on the “Classic Juicy Lucy” so, based on the spelling, that would be a riff on the 5-8 Club’s version.

American Burger Bar's Jucy Klucy

This is quite possibly the most patriotic of all Lucys with an American Flag on top. The lettuce, tomato, and onion much be for garnish, since they don’t belong on a Lucy (and would make it hard to avoid a blow-out).

Quality meat. Awesome cheese both inside and out. A toasted bun. It really came together to create a great Lucy experience.

The Fries: I upgraded to the Parmesan truffle fries, figuring that I’m already skipping my mortgage payment this month to pay for the burger, so what the heck. They were awesome as well.

The total:

American Burger Bar's Jucy Klucy

Blowing past $20 with tip (without beer). That’s impressive.

This isn’t an every day priced Lucy, but is worth checking out on special occasions, like wedding proposals.

Lucy Addition: The Lodge of Robbinsdale

Just opened on July 1st, The Lodge of Robbinsdale offers two Jucy Lucys on its menu: The Smokey Lucy and the Bluchee Lucy. I was recently there and did not try either one, but since it resides next door to my favorite gun range, (incidentally, they share the same owner) I’m sure I’ll be back. So, go out to Robbinsdale, shoot a box of rounds at Bill’s, and then stop in and try one. You may also want to give The Camp Counselor a test drive. That’s not a euphemism, it’s a $12 multi-booze drink served in a fish bowl.