Anonymous Wikipedia Editor Rewrites Jucy Lucy Invention History

The ongoing debate over where the Jucy Lucy was invented has made its way to Wikipedia, where an anonymous editor recently rewrote history by changing the inventing restaurant from Matt’s Bar to the 5-8 Club. Notice the removals of Matt’s on the left replaced by the 5-8 Club on the right:

Switching Jucy Lucy Invention from Matt's to 5-8 Club

It seems pretty clear that the anonymous editor was not writing from a neutral point of view, since they also included this self-promotional line:

5-8 Club Endorsement on Wikipedia

That line didn’t last long, but the story of origin remains switched, without citation, 2 weeks later.

Should the 5-8 Club (or Matt’s) have proof that they did indeed invest the Juicy Lucy, they should include a link to that within Wikipedia.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous Wikipedia Editor Rewrites Jucy Lucy Invention History”

  1. Service was especially slow, with the waitress doing double duty as both a TABLE waitress and a bartender. The burgers came out warm and it took forever to get our check when finished much less a refill on our drinks. We would probably still be there if one of the party of four had not chased down a waitress to get a check. Even then after taking our credit cards another half hour passed before they were returned.

    Burger was novel, probably better hot as advertised. Maybe they just did not want us burning our tounge as described as a caution on the menu.

    Probably next trip will try Matts’ Bar for a Juicy Lucy

  2. I used to go to both bars and the first time I ever seen a juicy Lucy listed on the menu was at Matt’s bar and grill on cedar. The 5&8 had one site up on their menu shortly thereafter. Suppose they had one or heard about it and followed suit right away.

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