A Culinary Tour of the Big 10

Jon Johnston of Corn Nation took a culinary tour of the Big 10 back in February to weigh the possible benefits of joining the conference.

If we’re talking about foods and beverages, let me take you around the Big Ten. Michigan provides some outstanding beer from Bells Brewery; Wisconsin gives us brats, the New Glarus Brewery, and cheese (sooooo much cheese); Illinois and Northwestern bring the Goose Island Brewery, deep dish pizza, and Vienna beef hot dogs; Minnesota’s got the Juicy Lucy; Iowa’s got Meth and grain alcohol; and Pennsylvania’s got Yuengling Beer. As far as Indiana and Ohio, they provide nothing of value other than a chili enema from Skyline Chili. Blech… The rest of us cancel them out, so I think over all we’re bringing something good to the table.

Solid analysis, Jon. Now that you’re in the Big 10, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to savor Jucy Lucy’s during your trips to Minneapolis.

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