Lucy Addition: Hubert’s Cafe & Sports Bar II

Tony P has alerted us to a Deep Fried Juicy Lucy at the new Hubert’s Cafe & Sports Bar location, which is replacing NBA City.

Well you can add another place to the list. The Strib today said the new Hubert’s 2 (Former NBA City) has a deep fried jucy lucy. That’s a new one I haven’t seen done before.

Hubert’s does not appear to have a website so there is no information available other than its availability. If anyone is brave enough to try a Deep Fried Lucy please come tell us how it is.

3 thoughts on “Lucy Addition: Hubert’s Cafe & Sports Bar II”

  1. I’m opening a new bar in sioux falls sd and would LOVE to here how u make this fried jucy lucy. I’ve had it at the old nba city when I was in minneapolis last yr and it was amazing! Thank u, John Geiken

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