Lucy Addition: Mainstreet Bar in Hopkins

Matt left a comment to tell us he has noticed the Mainstreet Bar in Hopkins was missing from our recent additions:

I’ve been seeing all these updates for newly found Jucy Lucys… Why no love for Mainstreet Bar & Grill in Hopkins? They’ve had one for a few years now.

Matt, you didn’t mention if you’ve tried the Mainstreet Lucy. It looks like a pretty standard style. How was it?

3 thoughts on “Lucy Addition: Mainstreet Bar in Hopkins”

  1. Well you can add another place to the list. The Strib today said the new Hubert’s 2 (Former NBA City) has a deep fried jucy lucy. That’s a new one I haven’t seen done before.

  2. Yes, Mainstreet’s Lucy is fairly stock. It’s got the standard American on the top and in the middle, and it’s served on ciabatta. There’s no frills to it, just the meat and cheese on the bun when it’s brought to you, but there’s pickles on the side and you can add your own condiments and they’re good about honoring requests (such as tossing some onions on, too, if that’s your thing). The meat itself is pretty thick, so the cheese in the middle isn’t quite as molten as other Jucy Lucys. Good stuff, but when is a Jucy Lucy ever bad? I recommend ordering a Mainstreet Home Brew to go with it.

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