A Man’s First Two Minneapolis Meals: Matt’s & Matt’s

Andy Sturdevant recently recalled how he spent his first 24 hours in Minneapolis after moving to the Powderhorn Neighborhood five years ago. Frankly, it couldn’t have gone any better for him. Two stops at Matt’s? Perfection.

We pulled into my new apartment, in a two-story house on Powderhorn Park I shared with two graduate students that I never saw again after I moved out a few months later. We unloaded all my personal effects into a pile in the living room. I didn’t have a bed yet; the plan was to drive to the IKEA in Bloomington and buy one there. There was two feet of snow on the ground. A neighbor wandered over to say hi, and told us about the May Day parade in the park.

Dave and I leafed through a copy of the City Pages from a nearby newpaper box to find the closest bar for dinner. It happened to be Matt’s, a few blocks away, where we each had a Grain Belt Premium and a Jucy Lucy. We told everyone in the bar I’d just arrived in town. A woman one table over told us that all the best Italian restaurants were in St. Paul, and we should go eat at Mancini’s. I still have never eaten at Mancini’s, incidentally; Dave and I both liked Matt’s so much we went back the next morning for breakfast. The same waitresses were working in the morning as from the night before, and all found our double-dipping very amusing.

That is some good Powderhorn living.

2 thoughts on “A Man’s First Two Minneapolis Meals: Matt’s & Matt’s”

  1. We a group of 8 went to Matt’s and then the 5-8 this last saturday 2-20-10. We found the following. Matts great onion flavor wished there were onion rings. Brugers juicy. 5-8 awesome onion rings. Bigger burgers for the $$$. Matt’s cheese more creamy 5-8 more cheese and more tangy.

  2. I’ve never eaten at Mancini’s either, but for my money, Cosetta (also in St. Paul) is one of the best Italian meals going. Ah, heck, now I’m all wanting chicken marsala. I should look into whipping some of that up soon.

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