Jucy Addition: Newt’s in Rochester, MN

A couple friends recently road tripped to Rochester, MN to see Dio – failed – then had jucy lucy burgers at Newt’s.

Reviews over beer and IM weren’t particularly glowing, but they’re both borderline jucy lucy snobs. Heck, one of the two lives within walking distance of Matt’s.

4 thoughts on “Jucy Addition: Newt’s in Rochester, MN”

  1. @ Duncan, totally get where you’re coming from, my friend. But to admin’s point, if they start expanding, they loose the point of this site. Maybe we should start a AwesomeBurgersThatTakeADayOffYourLife.com site. I will be the first to submit The Nooks Jucy Lucy to the list, but then closely followed The Hangover from Burger Jones.

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