5 thoughts on “5-8 Club Frontin’ on Wikipedia?”

  1. From a search on the Travel Channel’s website:

    “Mar. 25 10:00PM ET
    (30 minutes)

    Travel Channel’s Man v. Food
    TV-G, CC

    Adam arrives in the Twin Cities, where he’ll search for the birthplace of the Juicy Lucy-the Minneapolis cheeseburger with the cheese inside the burger.”

    Go Matt’s!!!

  2. i worked for the now deceased former owner of the 5.8 and the Juicy Lucy was ‘invented’ at the 5.8.

  3. @karen its undecided who made it first there are aritcles about this online.
    About the wikipedia article I think that’s crazy. They should keep that bit about the 5-8 club as it pertains to the discussion one thinks they made it first.

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