Could Jucy Lucys Be More Green?

Reetsyburger at You Are Where You Eat brings up an interesting point about the jucy lucy eco-scene: could they be more green?

Cheeseburger eating challenges are hardly sustainable, but Shamrock’s sources their buns from a local bakery, P.J. Murphy’s in St Paul, and burger joints selling the Twin Cities’ famous Juicy Lucys could boast more local charm if they sourced local beef and cheese for the burgers.

It’s an interesting point, considering that many Jucy Lucy enthusiasts are also eco-conscious foodies who enjoy jucy lucys and also would like to know more about where their food is coming from. However, it’s also a blue-collar bar food item where such conversations would be ridiculed. How should one reconcile this?

The Jucy Lucy = Our Philly Cheesesteak

Tim at Champion of the Sun has kicked off a Jucy Lucy tour with a great write-up explaining what Jucy Lucys are all about along with a summary of his first stop at Matt’s:

Tim’s Jucy Lucy Tour! Stop One: Matt’s Bar

Lucies are our Philly cheesesteak, our Chicago style hot dog, our Cincinatti chili, our Brooklyn style folded pizza slices. For those of you that don’t know, a (traditional) Jucy Lucy is a burger that has American cheese cooked into the middle. However, one of the cool things about it is that, unlike those other local food traditions, the Twin Cities foster a spirit of experimentation with the Lucy. Different places offer very different takes, and that’s what I’m going to explore.

Good luck on your journey, Tim. We’re looking forward to your reports.

Camacho Watcho Reviews Adrian’s Tavern’s Lucy

As we’ve mentioned here before on Jucy Lucy Restaurants, Adrian’s seems to differentiate itself based on the size of their Jucy Lucy. “Go big or go home!” appears to be their motto.

Katie Cannon from Camacho Watcho checked in at Adrian’s while armed with her camera and found the Lucy to be large but underwhelming compared to some of the other options out in the market today.

Blue Door Pub Launching the “Merriam Park Blucy”

Merriam Park Blucy Lucy

Merriam Park Blucy=bleu cheese, garlic and bacon on the inside and it’s topped off with red currant jelly-yum!

The Blue Door Pub is pushing the Jucy Lucy envelope once again. This time with a tribute to the neighborhood they reside in, Merriam Park, with the Merriam Park Blucy. It’s a blue cheese, garlic and bacon lucy with red currant jelly on the outside.

It’s rolling out this week with special pricing. Here are the deets from Pat McDonough:

I would like to share with you an event the Blue Door Pub will be having this week. Since we have opened, Jeremy and myself have wanted to do something special for our neighbors to say thank you for welcoming us into their incredible community. We are finally finding some time to be able to do this, we have been so busy! We are going to be unveiling our newest Blucy (our version of the juicy lucy) and we are dedicating it to the area-the “Merriam Park Blucy”. We are offering to select close neighbors, home delivery of the Merriam Park Blucy ( or anything else on the menu) for half off. Jeremy and I will be the ones delivering the food so we can get a chance to say thank you to our neighbors face to face. I just think in these bad economic times it’s good to hear about a place that is doing well and I know I would appreciate that place being in my backyard! Thank you very much for your time and have a great week!

Send in field reports!