Jucy Addition: Burger Jones

The Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal is reporting that a new restaurant from Parasole “almost certainly” will include a Juicy Lucy among their selection of specialty burgers:

Parasole launching burger “boutique” at Lake Calhoun

In addition to traditional hamburgers, Burger Jones will offer veggie, turkey, buffalo, lobster, salmon and tuna burgers, Roberts said, and there will almost certainly be a unique take on the “Juicy Lucy” — a local favorite that puts melted cheese inside the beef patty.

Find a discussion of this on Secrets of the City and send us any updates you hear so we can update the wiki.

2 thoughts on “Jucy Addition: Burger Jones”

  1. I went and checked out Burger Jones last night. No Jucy Lucy on the menu. What a huge missed opportunity! I reviewed my experience at championofthesun.com (yes, shameless plug, I know). The place is certainly worth a visit, but not having a Jucy Lucy seems like a big misstep.

  2. Juicy is anything but a description of their burgers.

    Quality: poor
    Price: very high
    Atmosphere: pretentious
    Customer Service: poor

    I have rarely (I don’t go back to those places) as dry a burger as their rarest burger.
    Not a good meat flavor.

    I had high hopes for a place with a little variety in an area with many single style food places. Applebees had variety and better food.
    A group of friends are at the lakes regularly and eat at various places. Unfortunately, the choices generally only have narrow types of food which makes it harder to find a place that is good for a group that might want some choices.
    I went to Burger Jones because most people will eat a burger and I saw a claim that they had good beer there. Boy was I disappointed.

    They are trying to give this place an upscale atmosphere and charge for it. It doesn’t work if the food is poor. $10 for a sub par hamburger doesn’t do it.
    They also need to have a few more good beers without charging more than the typical rate in the area.

    A person of some status above the server/waitress level came over and asked for my opinion. I told her but got the feeling that she actually did not care what I said. “hope you will be back soon” isn’t really an appropriate response to a customer that has complained about the food.

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