2 thoughts on “People Like to Talk About Jucy Lucys”

  1. Growing up my family lived just a block and a half away from Matt’s bar. My mom, dad, sister and I loved devouring Matt Driscoll’s mouth watering Jucy Lucy burgers & fries. For that fact the entire neighborhood did. During the mid 1950’s & 1960’s it was our little secret. On Friday nights my Mom would call the bar and order four Jucy Lucy burgers & four orders of fries to go. My job was to head out the back door with the cash, grab my bike and race down the alley on it, park it outside the back side door on 34th street, rush in, pick my way through the crowd of beer drinkers and other diners, pick-up our order and hit the alley.
    I have lived in the San Francisco bay area since 1971, bur every year when i returned home to see family and friends I made a point of going by Matt’s to have the best Jucy Lucy in town. I have tried the 5-8 Club’s Jucy Lucy but in my humble opinion they seem to be lacking in quality and taste compared to Matt’s. An old friend from Minnesota that I served with in Nam, now living in Arizona, sent me an email with the link to this web page. I’m glad he did because I finally got the chance to share with all of you my families LUCK at living in a neighborhood that had Matt’s Bar; with the best damn Jucy Lucy in town. I’m not surprised to see that it’s still the best!
    Dick Detra
    Brisbane, California

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