New Juicy Lucy Establishment Coming to St Paul

The PioneerPress reports that St Paul will soon be home to another establishment serving a Juicy Lucy.

At Blue Door Pub, they dare to tinker with Juicy Lucy

Groveland Tap vets Jeremy Woerner and Patrick McDonough are coming up with new ideas for the Minnesota classic — a hamburger patty with oozing hot American cheese in the middle.

When they open Blue Door Pub at the end of the month in the former Puerta Azul on Selby in St. Paul, Juicy Lucy (aka jucy lucy) fillings will include blue cheese, mozzarella and mushroom and Swiss cheese.

“The purists might be upset,” says Woerner. “But we’re just amazed no one has explored the unlimited possibilities.”

That’s great news. I wish I could say the same about the quality of reporting.

Clearly, the writer of this story is not a Juicy Lucy aficionado.

Other places already serve Lucy’s with cheese other than American, including the Groveland Tap, which offers a Cajun Lucy. The 5-8 Club offers Blue Cheese, and Bar Abilene has a Mexican style Lucy.

I wouldn’t call it a “Minnesota classic”, but a Minneapolis classic that’s increased its range to St. Paul.

5 thoughts on “New Juicy Lucy Establishment Coming to St Paul”

  1. This seems to be a great concept and can’t wait to check this place out!! Nobody offers more than a couple different kinds of Lucy’s! The Lucy is a Saint Paul classic. Glad another establishment has decided to take them on! BLUE DOOR PUB HERE I COME…

  2. Hey Todd,
    That’s too bad you lost your fav place, but I think this will be MUCH better. Burgers and beer and a great location, what can be better??? Maybe they will do a “black bean” lucy just for you! Peace out. Blue Door Pub here I come…

  3. Hello there-
    Update to the new Blue Door Pub on Selby and Fairview.
    I ate there this weekend with my family and boy, do they have a tasty “blucy” deal going on! That is what they are calling them, the Jucy Blucy–ha! creative -right? Anyway, we ordered a burger with blue cheese and garlic stuffed inside a very juicy hamburger patty. Wow, was this tasty. We ordered the fresh cut french fries as well. My children ate the kids mini cheeseburgers. These were very good! Over all this place is great. Good atmosphere, great service and a really tasty beer menu! My wife and I are going back this weekend for another shot at a different kind of “Blucy.” Rumor has it, if you eat all the different “Blucy’s” you get a t-shirt. What a deal! Nice to have a new neighborhood place to eat and drink! Cheers to the Blue Door Pub!

  4. I had a nice experience at the Blue Door this weekend…I think this place has great potential – they just need to work out a few kinks.

    Food: I had a Luau Bluecy…A burger stuffed with pineapple and mozarella and topped with a nice slice of canadian bacon. The bun was perfect, the texture of the entire sandwich was nice. Only prob? The burger was pretty rare considering today’s standards. My friend and I both stopped halfway through our burger and questioned whether to keep going. But alas, the burger was too good to put down!!!

    Also, the fries were about as close to perfect as you could get. My only sadness was that they skimped on them a bit.

    Other thoughts: The beer was a little flat and the service was slow. But all in all, this place was happening and has a lot of potential.

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