Taylor Carik on Matt’s Bar’s Universal Popularity

Taylor breaks down the diversity of Matt’s clientelle after being inspired by reading Minnesota Monthly’s latest Best Burgers issue:

– on the new MnMo, Franken and Matt’s

Living right next to Matt’s, I’ve been in the bar at all different hours of the day and have seen everyone kind of Minnesotan eating juicy lucys. So it’s no wonder every Twin Cities burger list, including MnMo, puts Matt’s on top. I’ve seen families eat JL’s on Saturdays, I’ve seen Latinos come in after long days of work, I’ve even seen two old ladies holding up a guy so old that he could hardly walk walk into Matt’s for lunch to eat a burger. It’s going to be tough to beat that.

I couldn’t agree more. Earlier this week, while dining with my wife & father-in-law, a 4’10” 70+ year old was hovering over our table as we wrapped up our pitcher. She was securing a table for her and three equally aged and heighted friends.

It’s not uncommon to see large groups of teens earlier in the day sucking down cans of pop with their Lucy’s while going social on a few baskets of fries. Ala carte fries and group dates were made for each other.

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  1. My brother and I had our 1st JLs tonight at Matt’s. It was a tasty, fun experience. After reading about Matt’s in Hamburger America and seeing the author, George Motz, speak at a bookstore, I’m on a mission to sample as many as possible, and more.

    Matt’s was packed but we got a table in 5 min. The food, fries and Cokes came in about 10 minutes. After being warned of the molten interior and waiting for a few minutes, we devoured the burgers and savored every bite. We will definitely be back.


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