Adrian’s Tavern – Juicy Lucy Review

Adrian's Tavern Juicy Lucy

It’s not uncommon for people to eat more than one Juicy Lucy in a sitting at many restaurants. However, I’m sure that rarely happens at Adrian’s Tavern.

This Lucy seals a slice of American cheese inside to generous 1/4 pounder patties and is slow-cooked for 20 minutes with a cover over the burger on the fryer. No rush job here.

I think this helps cook such a thick, cheese filled, burger thoroughly, since getting the temperature up inside the burger can be a trick without burning the exterior to a crisp.

Here’s a look inside. Click on the image for larger versions on Flickr.

Adrian's Tavern Juicy Lucy

It comes with chips by default but fries are available. Onions – fries or raw – are available. I went with fried onions.

Adrian’s also has a solid beer selection, including Sierra Nevada, Guinness, Stella Artois, and Delirium Tremens among their tap selections.

The woman who prepared the Lucy appeared to have the skills to cook a Lucy in her sleep. A real pro.

Adrian’s is located on Chicago Ave just South of 48th Street, so a quick trip up from Minnehaha Parkway.