The Nook and Shamrock’s Issue Warning Labels

Experienced Jucy Lucy connoisseurs make a point of explaining to their noob guests the dangers posed by taking a big first bite of a burger full of molten cheese that’s as hot as the sun.

However, some hungry noobs don’t listen and chomp away, causing cheese to blow out the backside and down their forearms. Lesson learned the hard way.

But what happens when you have a table full of adventurous noobs? If they’re at Matt’s Bar, I’m sure they’ll be find since Matt’s is better than any Jucy Lucy restaurant at reminding patrons of the dangers posed by aggressive Lucy chomping.

The Nook, along with it’s West 7th sister site, Shamrock’s, have taken a more formal approach of including a warning label with every Lucy basket:

Shamrocks and Nooks Warning Label

Problem solved.

The Freets made a point of asking our Shamrock’s server whether he was required to initial the form before digging in, to which he was told, “No.” Perhaps there is some sort of wait staff / kitchen staff power-play taking place just below the surface? 🙂