Matt’s Bar Field Report

A crew of Jucy Lucy afficionados met up at Matt’s Bar earlier tonight for a quarterly Lucy event. Kirk and Anne have an ongoing tradition of dining on Jucy Lucy’s at Matt’s Bar on the spring and fall equinox and winter and summer solstice. I was luck enough to tag along for this legendary event.

Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest and Summit EPA were the pitchers of choice.

Kirk waited patiently for his Lucy:

Kirk Waits Patiently

Then Mike got dainty with his burger wrapper:

Mike Makes His Table

Kirk demonstrated the fry-poke technique where the burger is punctured at the top. I don’t fully understand the benefits of this technique and would like to hear more about it:

Fry Poking

Tyler demonstrated a similar fry-poke technique:

French Fry Technique

I ordered fried onions on mine. Matt’s offers a few options. With or without onions. Fried or raw onions.

Jucy Lucy Innards

And a first time Jucy Lucy eater obviously enjoyed her experience:

First Timer

That covers it. Thanks to Matt’s for another wonder Jucy Lucy experience.

Additional reporting on this Matt’s outing can be found on Kirk’s All Four Season’s blog.

Spelling: Jucy Lucy vs Juicy Lucy

In case you haven’t noticed, there are two variations of the spelling of Jucy Lucy. With and without an “I” in Jucy.

Jucy Lucy Restaurants uses the “i-less” version, as that appears to be the original spelling, and it’s what Matt’s Bar uses. However, we realize that not everyone agrees, so we own and redirect to this domain.

Here’s another perspective:

Jucy Lucy vs Juicy Lucy

We took a look at what versions of the Lucy term was most popular among people arriving at this site. The above table shows that “Juicy Lucy” with the “i” drove more traffic to this site than the “i-less” version. However, the average visitor using the “i-less” term visited 50% more pages and stayed 3 times longer.

This makes sense, since true Lucy aficionados are more likely to be in tune with the “i-less” spelling.

Check The Deets for further reading.

Did Busters on 28th Edit the Jucy Lucy Wikipedia Entry?

Check out the edit below to the Jucy Lucy page on Wikipedia:

Buster's on 28th Jucy Lucy on Wikipedia

Looks like someone decided to add a mention of Buster’s on 28th’s twist on the Jucy Lucy where they use (used) Marscapone and blue cheese. That seems like a fair addition.

But five minutes later, they turned it up another notch by adding a link to the Buster’s on 28th website.

This all went down on the night of August 29th.

The IP Address used by the editor – who has never made an edit to Wikipedia before or since – traces to a Comcast Cable modem in Minnesota.

The link drop was removed within 24 hours because was apparently throwing a pop-up at visitors. The mention of Buster’s Lucy was removed on September 16th, since, as we know here, they no longer serve a Lucy.

Let the speculation begin.

Printable Map Of Jucy Lucy Locations

Jucy Lucy Restaurants is turning things up another notch with yet another exciting feature: a printable map of JucyLucyRetaurants locations.

We recommend keeping a copy in your glove compartment so you can check off the locations as you visit them. If you’re really hardcore, consider laminating it so you can reuse it. See, you can go green and love the Lucy’s.

The above PDF version will go out of date over time, but you can get a fresh version here at any time.

Buster’s on 28th Online Menu Out of Date

Just a quick public service announcement. The menu on the Buster’s on 28th website is out of date and still lists a Jucy Lucy. This is no longer on the menu, as the previous post on explained.

If we were to speculate, this probably has something to do with the over designed web site that uses too much Flash and probably doesn’t have a content management system that would allow Buster’s on 28th’s staff to easily update their own website.

Buster’s on 28th Kills their Jucy Lucy

If you ever have any doubts about what does for you, now you know.

We did a follow-up visit to Buster’s on 28th today to check on the status of their Jucy Lucy after their previous suspension by Jucy Lucy Restaurants due to their blow-out issues.

And what did we find?

The Jucy Lucy is gone. Buster’s on 28th has pulled the Jucy Lucy from their menu:

Buster's on 28th Menu

It’s sad to see their attempt at a Jucy Lucy fail. However, it had to go based on how it was being served.

It’s great to see them come to the realization that the Jucy Lucy wasn’t working out. We’d like to think that played a role in this decision. Regardless, now you know that Buster’s is off the list.