8 thoughts on “Jucy Addition: Rudy’s Redeye Grill in White Bear Lake”

  1. The Google maplet is confused – Rudy’s is on the north end of White Bear Lake (near where Hwy 96 heads east out of town). You will be miles away if you follow directions to that location. Look further north on Highway 61 to where 10th Street intersects with the highway. There is a McDonald’s next door for the less adventurous.

  2. Thanks Bill. I’ve added it to the map.

    manofwy, thanks for pointing that out. I’ll see if I can correct that. Good excuse for a Lucy trip to verify the location.

  3. I’ve tried the JL at RRG. I would say it is not worthy of further consideration. Two preformed 1/4 pound pucks with a Kraft Single does not constitue an appropriate JL. A much better JL can be found just down the road at Hwy 61 and 96 in Vadnais Heights.

    I have assembled a team of Researchers “Scientists for the Truth” (SST) to test the various St. Paul JL establishments of the 2011 Summer. Our findings will be published on this website if allowed.

    A couple of updates suggested for this website:
    1. Pioneer Press claims Bennett’s Chop and Railhouse has the best JL. Might want to include that estabishment on your website.

    2. 5-8’s Club has another location at McKnight and Minnehaha in Maplewood. More on this as the research project begins.

  4. A group of friends and I have been trying different restaurants that serve Juicy Lucy’s for the past year. We’ve tried 9 so far.
    Top few so far:
    1. Matt’s
    2. Tin Cup/ Buffalo Tap
    3. Shamrock’s

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